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Kill 80% of global spam with just 10 bullets ?

IT LOOKS LIKE it could be possible (but perhaps not probable) to prevent approximately 80% of spam – that’s global spam – with just a few little shady acts of our own folks. I say shady but what I actually mean is completely illegal, but of course when did that ever stop a good idea? 🙂

Junk mail fighters Spamhaus believe they have identified the 10 spammers who are responsible for approximately 80% of the global spam.

Let me say that again in case you missed it… Just 10 people are alleged to be responsible for the majority of all the crap we get in our inbox every day and the wasted time trying to either prevent or delete it as a result. So who are these bastards then that make our lives so miserable and clog up our email inboxes, and more importantly – where do they live so we can do something about it?

From the article entitled Ten Spammers Create 80% Of Spam over at SecurityProNews:-

A multi-aliased spammer known variously as Alex or Alexey operating out of the Ukraine tops the list. Spamhaus believes he works with a Russian spam gang called Pavka/Artofit, which utilizes a vast number of zombied PCs to churn out the junk mail.

Leo Kuvayev, number two on the list, has also worked with Pavka/Artofit. Kuvayev hit the ground running after a Massachusetts court handed down $37 million in fines in October 2005 against him for his operations in the US. He has yet to be caught and is rumored to be in Russia.

The dark side of American entrepreneurial spirit can be found in the form of Spamhaus’ number three offender, Michael Lindsay of iMedia Networks. Spamhaus said Lindsay runs a “full-fledged spam-hosting operation” patronized by well-known spammers, who pay a high premium for the service.

Spamhaus named one other American as a top ten spammer. Jeffrey Peters is a convicted felon from Florida, currently under ten years probation for felony grand theft over $100,000. But Spamhaus said Peters runs a fake Russian ISP for spam operations, and that he specializes in forged documents.

And so to my slightly shady and completely illegal solution to our shared problem. If we know where these fuckers live and what their names are – why not simply erase them and the problem in one simple move?

I’m sure a simple donation of say 1 dollar from interested parties to a paypal account would generate a nice amount of cash to help pay for the 10 bullets and associated sundries. Or if that solution is a bit ‘drastic’ for some folks let’s have the government declare them cyber terrorists and sling their asses into an orange boiler suit and give them a one way ticket to HELL.

I’m all for it. How about you? 🙂

103 replies on “Kill 80% of global spam with just 10 bullets ?”

Hohum… An ethical dilemma! Hahhaha.

Shall we sacrifice one person’s life (since those spammers’ murderer will most probably get caught) to kill 10 idiots, or just bear with the spam that overflows the inboxes of all the internet-savvy people in the world?

But then again, 80% of the spam gone doesn’t mean there’ll be no more spam.

I am not bothered by spam anymore nowadays. Since most are caught by the junk mail filters, just click Delete lah. I delete most forward mails by my own friends anyway. So, no big deal.


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