Corruption in Malaysia

As you all probably have read via the previous entry, I decided to travel up to Malacca and got robbed while on a road trip with wifey, daughter and them.

It is really a last minute decision and since it is nearing the end of the holidays, I figured Malacca would be a safe bet for a peaceful escape from busy Singapore. Of course, had I known they would be having this event on, I would have think twice about entering the city with 30000 visitors including the PM himself.

We arrived at Malacca town slightly past noon but we spent more than 3 hours just to find 2 available rooms for accomodation.

Lesson learnt: Never embark on a holiday trip without reservations !!

In lieu of this, we didn’t manage to make the most out of our trip as we did not travel much in the evening considering the fact that our stay eventually was located near the Highway Toll itself rather than at the Malacca Town. This, and also the dejected feel of being robbed RM$100 by the law enforcers themselves.

I have come across several websites depicting videos and accounts on how corrupted the policemen in Malaysia are but I really did not expect to witness and be the victim myself during this trip.

It all began while we were circling around the town area, trying to find nearby hotels when I came across a stretch of road where two cars in front of me are turning to. As we are from the opposite direction, I did what most Malacca cars did not do – signal my intention to do the right turn. I sensed something was amiss when I saw the last passing car slow down and look at me and look behind our car.

As I completed the turn, I got a honk and saw the flashing lights behind me. At this point of time, I knew I’m going to be in some serious business.

The police officer signal me to stop at a corner and both of them came out and walk towards our car.

The following conversations are in Malay, as far as I can recall, these are the exact words being said to me. If I am free, I will do a translation later.

Officer 1 (Zaini): “Keluarkan IC dan lesen driving.”

Promptly gave my driving license but explain to them that I did not bring my NRIC and offered my passport instead.

Officer 1 accepted my passport and Officer 2 (Megat) began talking.

Officer 2 (Megat): “Encik dah melakukan kesalahan ni. Mana boleh belok kat belakang tadi tuh. Encik tak nampak ke signboard kat jalan tuh? Sana banyak kemalangan tau. Ini kesalahan besar ni. Boleh didenda RM$300 ni.

Officer 1: “Passport Encik takder tulis alamat rumah ni. Ada tak IC yang tunjuk alamat rumah ?”

I further explain to them that I didn’t bring any NRIC as we will only be staying here for one day.

Officer 2: “Ini kesalahan kena denda RM$300 ini. Hmm, Encik sila keluar sekejap untuk tulis alamat sendiri.”

I came out of the car and walk towards their patrol car and once there, Officer Megat start talking to me again while Officer Zaini made some calls inside the car. In my haste, I didn’t see which one holds the higher rank among these two. I even mentioned to them that I saw another car in front of me turning so I thought it was a valid turn. Of course, my pleads were in vain.

Officer 2: “Encik, kami ni cuma menjalankan tugas. Dan saya pun kesian, tengok kat dalam ada famili dan budak kecil. Ini saman kena tunggu sampai hari Senin ni sebab pejabat pun tutup dan kena tahan nanti kat kastam Johor. Jadi terpulang macam mana awak nak selesaikan perkara ni.

I instantly knew that I was involved in a corruption process when he uttered those words but I decided to act blur and query what he meant by his own statement.

Officer 2: “Yelah, maksud saya, cuaca ni pun panas kan. Kat Singapura cuaca tak panas macam gini ke? Kami pun nak rehat kejap jadi tak payahlah kita nak lama² berjemur kat panas ni. Saya rasa kita boleh settle kat sini dan habis di sini sahaja.”

Me: “Oh jadi macam gitu, macam mana kita boleh settle eh. Berapa eh kira-kira? Sebab saya cuma satu hari jer kat sini dan besok dah balik.”

Officer 2: “Eh ini terpulang pada Encik lah. Saya bukannya nak rasuah ni semua.” (with a sinister smile and laugh)

I reach into my pocket and place a RM$10 note on his police book.

Officer 2: “RM$10 jer ? Ini nak kira duit rasuah pun tak lepas ni.”

What the fuck ? Are these goons drinking coffee from CoffeeBean or what that they need a lot more ? I took the RM$10 note back and said I’ll be right back as I left my wallet in the car.

As I reach my car, I told the rest what is happening and luckily, we brought our videocam along. I told wifey to record the video so as to hold as evidence should anything happen later.

I took out RM$100 and hand over to Officer Megat but he quickly told me to put it in my wallet first upon seeing a nearby family who is watching us while entering their own wagon car.

Officer 2: “Eh janganlah kasi terang² gitu, nanti orang ingat kita ni makan rasuah pulak. Kita cuma nak jalankan tugas jer ni.”

Officer 1 step out of the car and walk towards us at the back of the patrol car.

Officer 1 (Zaini): “Okay Megat, aku dah call pejabat. Mereka cakap boleh saman dengan tulis alamat sajer. Tak perlu IC. Nanti mereka tahan di kastam Johor.

Officer 2: “Okay tapi abang ni cakap, dorang kalau boleh nak settle kat sini sahaja. Jadi kita rasa boleh lah eh ?”

Officer 1: “Oklah kalau gitu, jadi kita settle kat sini sahaja. Lain kali jangan buat lagi. Kena ikut aturan dan perintah jalan raya…”

Having said those sentences, he open his pocket-book that reveal a flip to secure his pen. I took it as a cue to place the note there. Once done, he closed his book, together with the notes.

Officer 1:” Ok ni ada alamat dan nombor telefon kalau Encik nak cari hotel di sini.”

I’m amused that policemen over there can doubled up as part-time tour guide too as he began pouring out contacts on nearby hotels and resorts to me.

Once done, they drove off, never to be seen again.

Motto of The Royal Malaysian Police, taken from Wikipedia:

Tegas, Adil dan Berhemah

Translation: Firm, Fair and Courteous

Police Pledge of The Royal Malaysian Police,personnel fundamental duty taken from Wikipedia:

Maintenance of Peace And Security of Malaysia
Prevention And Detection of Criminal
Arrested And Claimed the Offenders; and
Raise the Security Intelligence.

I do not believe that the whole force cannot be trusted but it is because of scums like them that make the whole force’s reputation in the limelight. The 2 police officers, Megat and Zaini, gave a whole new definition to DAYLIGHT ROBBERY.

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Come to think of it, I might just do it. Freek manage to record part of the video and once she have done merging the clips (and removing those shaky moments), I probably will… 🙂

I don’t think I will lodge the issue. I simply have no time to travel up to Malacca for any hearing or whatsoever.

I am just sad that such incidents had and will continue to exist in a land whom declared themselves as an Islamic state and ‘abide’ by the rules of religion.

Eh kau pun sama eh kekeke. Aku punya not too blunt. But to be honest lah kan, dorang ada this thing called “fine discount”. The recent KL trip I made, aku kena saman RM30 pasal tak bayar parking. So waktu nak bayar, they oni charge us RM15.

Masa on the way back to SG at the NS highway, kena tangkap by their POs for speeding. They asked us to settle on the spot, RM100 but when I said I’m down to my last RM50, they actually willing to just settle with that amt. We were suprised lah but I just remembered that money nak kena bayar toll so i told the officers we can’t pay. They took down our address. Waktu nak bagik IC tu kan, Anis purposely flipped his wallet long enuf to show his warrant card kekeke. He told us JB HQ will send us a summon. Fortunately for us, sampai skg no papers or summon under our car number.

I think I must go beach road and buy satu beret with crest and letak kat bawah IU unit, anytime kena tahan jer, make sure benda tuh prominent enough.

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