Is this a miscarriage of justice?

A substitute school teacher in USA has been found guilty of exposing children to porn.

She could face up to 40 years in prison.

However, there are some interesting aspects to this case:

  • The defense contends this was a case of spyware on the school machine — due to a barrage of popups.
  • The school did have content filtering but the license was expired.
  • According to another article, “Computer expert W. Herbert Horner, who performed a forensic examination of the computer for the defense, said Amero (the school teacher) may have been redirected to the sexually-oriented sites through a hairstyling site accessed from the computer. He said the site allowed spyware to be downloaded onto the computer which allowed the pop-ups.”
  • And, according to one source, the Trial Judge, Hillary Strackbein, “was seen falling asleep during proceedings and made comments to the jury that she wanted the case over by the end of the week. It was also reported that Judge Strackbein attempted to pressure the defense into an unwanted plea deal, in place of a trial. The defense attorney for Amero, moved for a mistrial shortly before closing arguments Friday, based on reports that jurors had discussed the case at a local restaurant.”

Was justice done here? That’s not entirely clear. A bad spyware infestation can splatter a machine full of porn popups and it’s a bit unnerving to think that a teacher could get hard prison time for something that might have been completely innocent.

Why do I sense a real life prison break soon to appear in US? 🙂
Some points to take note:

  1. Always update your anti-virus and anti-spyware licenses. Never use pirated Operating Systems because YOU WILL NOT get any Windows security fixes and patches.
  2. If you, a woman, really need to register online to get those tempting discounts for doing your hair or for buying other stuff online, please do so on your home computers, to avoid these sort of calamity.
  3. Either the judge is an old one who finds this subject very boring or she may have a personal vendetta against the defendant.
  4. When you have jurors discussing this over S11 Kopitiam, you know that you don’t have a chance of winning the confidence of them.

All the more these kind of cases makes me want to take up this study soon.

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I use, ahem, pirated OS… Found a hack online that shows my installation as “genuine” by Windows Validation tool. 😀

I get patches and fixes and service packs like as if I paid the original price.


Eh, don’t report me, k? 😛

Hahaha.. Nah, I don’t target individuals. My concern would be those big MNCs or SMEs that use pirated stuff.

Microsoft Singapore announce to anyone who can report of their companies using pirated copies or software would be given a $25K reward.

It should be sufficient for you to last… while you start to look for another company to work. 🙂

Bro, when u get that degree and maybe start your own company, employ me, ok? I have good writing skills, have a keen interest in photography and an in-depth knowledge of porn sites. Good? Hahaha! 😀

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