More uncivilised cultures

Kids these days are getting more and more violent. To the expense of their own parents suffering the humiliation.

Heard about the Hwa Chong student who attacked the SBS Bus driver and threw punches/slap/beat the crap out of the bus driver for allegedly not allowing his girlfriend and himself from alighting the bus due to a stolen ez-link card ?

The father had to personally kneel down in front of the bus driver and beg him NOT to make a police report because of the incident.

When I first read it on the online edition, my 1st thought was that it was a PRC student. Then when the culprit’s father appeared, it dawned on me must be local. The disturbing thing about this incident is that Hwa Chong Institute’s principal is supportive of the boy & providing him with all sorts of counselling. If I had been a witness in this incident, I would insist on giving my evidence so that charges can be brought against the school boy in court & let the judicial system deal with it.

If gone unchecked, this boy will become a bully of all sorts at workplace, at tertiary level etc. As for Hwa Chong Institute’s ethics, it sucks big time with the principal leading the way in his support for the boy!

Read the online version from New Paper here.

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That retard from Hwa Chong deserved to be expelled from school and be put behind bars. The nerve he had to attack the poor man.

I have gotten myself into arguments with bus drivers too but never in my wildest thoughts would I ever lay a finger on them, unless they did la. What a thug! And the reaction from Hwa Chong was very much expected. Was just imagining how would they have reacted if a consistently well-behaved bus-driver with a very good record happen to beat up one of their students. Would merit overcome violence. Worse still what if the driver was not Chinese?!

It doesn’t matter if he comes from Hwa Chong or even Raffles JC or some ITE. A thug is a thug and should be treated like one. I vote for harsher punishment to this senseless retard who thinks he has the authority to do anything he wants. And it’s sad that his father had to beg for forgiveness. Bloody retard!

I would have loved to have been on the bus when that incident happened so I can beat the crap out of that A-hole kid.

I’m never sending my kids to Hwa Chong!

An idiot will be and idiot, and a retard, a retard. What needs to be done will need to be done. I’m supportive of lawful punishment by the school AND law. Be it sending him to a home, expulsion from school, its all part and parcel of being a thug he chose to be.

Besides, isn’t that the treatment thugs get in ITE when they get into a public brawl like this? Therefore i don’t see why this Hwa Chong Institution boy should be allowed counselling without punishment. Hardly anyone counsels thugs from ITE do they?

Hi All,

I think, both parties are at fault. Enough of the student for now. Lets talk about the driver.

Apparently, the fact that the bus driver has the right to confiscate any invalid card from the passenger, was not even made public. And that a receipt will be issued in return was not even made public too.

In this incident, it is very obvious from the report that the bus captain did not have the chance to take the card, and neither did he issue the receipt. What he reported to the media is the procedure. He did not do it.

Hence, it would cause undue misunderstanding, and of course, the passenger has the right not to surrender the card, since it is never a legal practice for someone to hand over his personal identification to anyone, unless it is the police. This is definitely a good advice from any parent to a child.

I conclude that the bus company need to publicise such right, since its drivers or captains are not police or auncilliary poilice or security guards.

This is a classic situation of a public organisation not clearly explaining its policies to passengers. I am not even clear if the insurance coverage on passengers are clearly noted and displayed publicly, in the event of any accident.

So, it is too arrogant for the bus spokeswoman for this incident to say that the bus company will ensure its drivers are not endangered in the course of discharging his duties. The bus company has to ask itself was it fair to the public in the first place.

Aaaanyway, let me recap an issue that happen more than 4 years ago…..

Remember a few years ago when EZ Link card was launched, and everyone rushed to get a brand new EZ Link card to replace those magnetic farecards? You had to produce your IC at the counter to get one. If my memory is correct someone had asked why was showing your IC necessary and if identities will be traced. The official reply was that showing your IC qualifies you for a rebate, and identities wouldn’t be traced.

Fast forward to this incident. Apparently the bus driver knew the EZ Link card was lost/stolen. Therefore the official reply years ago was a lie. An EZ Link card shouldn’t be linked to the identity of the user unless it’s some concession card.

Thing is I think we see your point. But there is no means for violence to take over. As a Hwa Chong student, he should have the bit of intelligence to at least reason out and while the bus driver wishes to confiscate the card, he could demand a thorough explanation and at the same time take down the driver’s particulars to assist him in further follow-ups, if any.

As much as I would like to fault the bus company for failure in ensuring that commuters are fully aware of each and every one of their policies, it is rather impossible for them to drill it in every commuter. Let’s be honest, how many people have you seen arguing with bus captains after being caught for not paying the right fare? As far as I can remember since the days when the fare for feeder services was a mere 15cents, the bus company has been drilling into commuters to pay the right fare or face the consequences. Yet many still fail.

Ok maybe it’s two different issues here but you get my drift. In my opinion there are many people to be blamed here. The student for failure to restraint himself and resorted to aggression rather than taking control of the matter. The driver for probably not explaining properly to the student and perhaps the manner of his explanation was not that pleasant. Sorry but I think a fair share of bus drivers are rather rude. The company for giving statements to the press even before they actually do up investigations on the casen largely based on the driver’s report perhaps. The school for their indifferent reaction. Lastly the passengers in the bus. For Allowing the argument to escalate into such a scene. If I was there I wouldn’t hesitate to address the issue to the student and assist the driver with explanations before punches were thrown.

In any case, my views are not representing any legal authority or such. Just a common man’s thought. Anyhow Katak, tis is a great post for discussion. 🙂

Well that incident’s certainly proved that smart students don’t act smart all the time. Hmm come to think of it, personally I think eversince MOE decided to change a lot on the schools’ curriculum so are the changing attitude of kids/students nowadays. Back then if I were still in my secondary school days, my principal would definitely had the student been taught a lesson by public caning or even expelling the student for putting the school in complete shame.
These days I think it’s like not the students whom are afraid of their teachers but instead otherwise.

I think teachers these days are now more like public servant to the parents. Macam dibayar gaji (literally) oleh si parents so must take care of their students lor…

Anything wrong and you will got a tickoff from the parents.

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