A few good friends

One of the most difficult things in life is to draw the line between friend and foe. Most of us, most of the time, would rather be with anyone than be alone. And when we compare being with anyone to being with a real friend, there is no comparison.

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Good friends ease our pain and lighten our heavy load. They also strengthen us, nurture us, and help us grow. And without our knowing, they can even save our lives. Literally. Not only are friends good for the soul but for the body as well.


Friends help us ward off depression, boost our immune system, lower our cholesterol, increase the odds of surviving with coronary disease, and keep stress hormones in check.


Sadly, real friends are few. The few real friends we enjoy generally come in one of two forms, both desirable and equally delightful. There’s nothing like a real friend of the heart, long-lasting pals who know us sometimes better than we know ourselves. They bring such comfort to our lives. It’s nearly inexpressible.

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Some friendships are meant to be transitory. Like cowboys who ride hard together for miles, sharing both dusty perils and round-the-campfire coffee, we all have friendships that come to their natural end. Not because of discontent or lack of interest. Simply because the road has run out.


We’ve hit the end of the trail together and it’s time to move on to other things, other companies of men. An achieved real friendship – of any brand or bond – is among the best experiences life has to offer.

To all my friends out there, thank you for being part of my life.. 🙂

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A great entry bro. True that true friends are rare no doubt but those true ones are really treasured.

I can’t help but snigger a lil when you mentioned cowboys riding and the campfires.. heheh.. my mates and I in reservist would term our get-togethers just like how you mentioned.. except in 2 words…. “Brokeback Moments”!



For us guys, communication remains the same… at least for me lah. I don’t think any guys lose their gang upon marriage. In fact, for some, marriage life further strengthen the bond… Perhaps, lesser amount of time is spent during meet-ups though coz nanti bini complain.. oops!!

*mwah to Freek*

Of course its my deep honour having u as my friends cum brothers hehe. I hate NS for making us a cheap labour but i thanks NS and god for giving me such a great buddies like ya. As people says, when ur aging, u will be spending more times with wife and family but good friends is always in our heart. Too many sweet memories that were left deep in our brain and heart. Its like when we sit down and recall, we might just smile and laugh alone (senile) haha.. Remember the bear “I LOVE YOU” that u bought for Freek? Hahha… Im now laughing… 😉

Aku tengok mula2 ingat kau ambik gambar raya je, sekali aku scroll bawah makdatuk besaq nye haha.. Gambar tak senonoh seh. Jatuh airmata ku.. Hehe.. Wait till im married then we can EASILY go out together. Hehhe.. Now still have limits la.. Hehhe..

Apa pasal plak lepas kawin leh go out together freely? Heh.. anyways, at first I thought, it looked a bit gayish being sentimental and putting pics of your frens here.. But then, i thought again and, frens do deserve the honour of being cherished and remembered. I love my frens too. They helped me thru so much. And yeah, they helped me find you. So, cheers to my frens and your frens, too!

To Darling,

So why is it when girls put up other girls pictures, its ok but when guys put up other guys pictures its consider gayish aka brokeback moments eh ? 🙂

Before I answer that question, first you tell me, why is it when girls hold hands it’s sisterhood but Bangla men hold hands, it’s wrong?

Hmmm… perhaps Its the society perception that appears IT to be wrong but to them, holding hands is a mark of their brotherhood, a promise that they made to protect and keep dear to each other when they are in an alienated land (to them).

Hahha, now its getting more fun around here looking at both of ya actually debating over this issue haha. Firstly, is becoz Winnie has restrictions somewhere. Kata orang tu, sedangkan kita ni susah nak keluar takkan nak ajak keluar ngan orang lain kan.. Hehhe.. Secondly, putting pics, is DEFINITELY better than holding hands. By d way, i believe they hold hands even in their land Katak not jus alienated island. Friends do create miracles dun u think so. BTW, i bursted to laughters when Freek says defending your brothers haha. Wonder what Katak gonna reply to tat? Or…. 🙂 😉

kawan menangis susah nak dapat
kawan ketawa ramai di tepi jalan …
kawan datang kerna kehendak tuhan
tapi saya bertuah kerna dapat berkenalan dgn tuan….

Thanks for putting me up as one of ur friends..
Although we seldom see each other at the moment but the memories
that we once had will always be fresh in my mind….

Eh Jali? Ur back online. Its been soooo soooo long since u update ur diary. Eh macam aku update selalu je hehe.. Stop smiling Katak…!!

thanks dec
it’s just that i got a lot of sweet memories these few days
so wanna share with u All

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