Love One


And I know this sounds repetitious, but God, I love you very, very much!!

Love One

Definition of Suhainis

S – Sweet – one need to see for themselves to see the sweetness of oneself.

U – Understanding – Perhaps an attribute that every teacher is required to have, she have a tolerant and sympathetic look to the poor and needy.

H – Helpful – Always ready to provide assistance and show a great deal of willingness to help out despite not being her obligations.

A – Animated – Someone filled with activity and courageous, she is a lively person to those who know her well.

I – Informal – Conservative lady, relaxing manner providing a warm and friendly feeling to those around her.

N –Nonchalant– Someone who is not easily swayed by persuasive words, either from the sellers or from someone close, even to me at times. 😛

I – Imperturbable – Not excited over things and behave in a calm manner at times.

S – Sexy – Damn she’s highly appealing and attractive for that manner.