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Guys who can’t let go of their broken relationship

It just irritates me to see guys who are soft-hearted and cannot overcome the fact that their girlfriends have left them – for more than a week !!

The worst part would be them spilling their sadness and woes into blogs, claiming not being able to eat properly or slept for only 2 hours each day or always wait at the girl’s void deck or opposite block in an effort to have a glimpse of their ex.


Unknown quote

Someone said to me in my dream this morning. Troubled is, I don’t remember who said it to me. But I distinctly remember what he said.

Kids are programme by biology to love a parent, but at times, parent doesn’t return the love to the kids.



Happy 8 year anniversary to my wife

The goal in marriage is not to think alike, but to think together…

As such, I thank you for putting up with my rants and sharing my thoughts and views together. Expecting many more fantastic years to come with you by my side.

Love One

My darling’s birthday

Today is my darling Suhainis Bte Samsi’s birthday. I just thought it would be nice if you peeps can drop over to her site and wish her Happy birthday too.

It would be a big surprise for her, i’m sure 🙂

To my darling, happy birthday sweetie.

I don’t always tell you how much joy you brought and it means more to me than anything. Also, I don’t think I have thanked you enough for the many things that you did and also how much i love you. (Or have I?)

Of course when I look at you, it seem both the cinema ushers and I have something in common: we both don’t think you’ve aged past your 16th birthday 🙂

To me you’re still beautiful as to the day that we first met @ Bedok Interchange. And in my eyes, you will always be my blushing bride, with that true beauty wrapped deep inside.

Some say perfection is unattainable
For most things that’s explainable,
But in your arms and with your heart’s affection
I have found a brief moment of perfection

Happy birthday darling. You’re the Queen of my heart.

Love One

Back to school

It’s been 8 years since I graduated from school. So much so that going back to study makes me a tad kanchiong according to wifey. That too, studying on how to teach ! 🙂

This week is still considered as my relaxation week, with orientations and lesson time-tables being drawn up by the admin staff. I’ve seen some the student-teachers a couple of days back during the presentation and I’m surprised to see quite a few more mid-career change personnel, some with even 10K++ monthly salary willing to go for the cut just so to secure the future. Economy must be damn bad outside for private firms.

Within 60 days, Aaliya have grown to a whopping 6++ Kg and that means I can now substitute my dumbbells to just carrying her everyday. Not to mention her poop can be a tad heavy too at times !!


Juggling my career by going back to study while at the same time taking care of the baby, I ought to really thank my wife for showing me a lot of things that needs to be done as a father and being a very caring and understanding wife.

I love my family very much.

If you want it, we can have it next year. And the year after that too. Make that 3 in a row. *Mwah*

Love One

2nd year anniversary

I have come to realise love is so much more than words, tears, embrace, love letters, etc. It is a power. A power that propels the process of life. Now I understand from a different level why is it so admirable to see couples who would hold their hands in their old ages. They went through a life long process together.

Looking at this past year from a distance, I felt it has been so much different from our first. Romance never parted us but we advanced on mastering the power behind of our love. We’ve set a goal for our lives and we are reaching the goals by doing what we are doing. That’s another stage in love that we are moving to – reality. I’d name the first stage in love as affection because a couple tends to express their love more often in manners than actions.

When life becomes somewhat predictable, my heart is at peace and I am so much more satisfied and happy. Thank you for your another year of dedication in my life darling. I love you!

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Reality behind marriage life

Every relationship in some way has similarities with the other. Ups and downs are given and all these are attributed on the uniqueness of both the individuals involved. The values, beliefs/religion, family background and culture play key roles in the success or failure of the relationship.

The cultural differences have actually made us a better person taught us to be more patient, open-minded, fun-loving, etc. Life had never been dull or a routine. Each day is a new day to look forward to as we know we will learn something novel from each other a continuous learning process, as what life really is, but ours are just catered on a colorful plates

Sometimes couples get so wrapped up planning the wedding; they forget about the actual marriage. Married life isn’t all cozy dinners and regular sex; it’s also a lot of compromise and communication.

Your spouse should be your best friend and you need to treat them like they are your best friend.

Be open and honest. If you are unhappy, let your spouse know it. Remember that a good argument is better than no argument at all.

There is no such thing as happily ever after. There’s good times and bad, but don’t expect to be happy all the time. People that expect to be happy all the time get disappointed a lot and get divorced early.

Marriage is a very serious business. It is the biggest financial and personal transaction of your life. You need to look at the other person and realize that you are not going to change them.

~ ~ ~

On another note, I wish my matchmaker and my buddy well for this weekend ordeal 🙂

Love you always…