Back from the second and final trip of the year

We have safely returned back to Singapore after the two almost back-to-back trips to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and the island of Belakang Padang in Batam, Indonesia.

Stay tuned for more pictures galore.

For now, the bed is beckoning.


Farewell to ex-comrade, Ramesh

Throughout my 4 years of working in my previous employment, Ramesh have consistently been in the picture whenever there are issues related in our job. He have always been there to provide advice, be it with physical PC troubleshooting and at times, even went the extra mile to assist me out of normal working hours.


Subway – eat fresh

I’m beginning to think about what Class 95’s radio DJ Glenn Ong said a couple of weeks back. He mentioned that there is a man in New York whom ate nothing but just Subway‘s products for 2 straight months and lost almost 15 pounds of fats.

No exercise, no nothing but just eating healthy products from Subway. I think if I were to stay in KL for 1 month and concentrate on it, I could probably shed some off too !!

Damn they’re good! But then again, there’s always A&W, Beard Papa, Krispy Kreme, Carls’ Junior to choose too.

There goes the buildup again.



5 day KL getaway trip

Monday (touchdown)

Venue: Midvalley

Eating establishment: Yoshinoya (lunch) & Domino’s Pizza (dinner)

Total FOOD Damage: RM$100


Venue: Suria KLCC & Berjaya Times Square

Eating establishment: A&W (1st mini-lunch @ KLCC), some Indian cuisine called Bombay’s something (main lunch @ Berjaya Times Square) and Subway (dinner @ Mid-Valley)

Total FOOD Damage: RM$150


Venue: Sunway Pyramid & Lagoon

Eating establishment: Carl’s Junior (dinner)

Total FOOD Damage: RM$70


Venue: Jalan Masjid India and Petaling Street

Eating establishment: A&W (lunch) and KFC (dinner)

Total FOOD Damage:RM$75

Friday (take-off)

Venue: Midvalley

Eating establishment: Tony Roma’s Ribs, Seafood and Steaks

Total FOOD Damage: RM$80

But the joy at watching all of us enjoying ourselves ???