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How to record streaming music on Vista

This post is just a reminder for me, just in case if I ever decide to upgrade my XP machine to Vista but I guess you guys might find this information useful if you intend to convert any streaming music into mp3.

Of course, it all happened because Dearie had forgotten to bring an mp3 file from home and I had to use the school laptop to encode the music into mp3.

Audacity is a wonderful sound editing software that create amazing effects while at the same time, able to record any streaming music from any internet radio stations, youtube and many more.

However, in Vista machines especially laptops, the manufacturers decided to disable the recording streaming music function for reasons unknown.

As such, after 15 minutes of tweaking, I manage to change a few settings in the Windows Vista Operating System. Here is where it gets sticky.

1. Go to Audacity -> Preferences -> I/O Options. Set the option to Microsoft Sound Mapper – Input

2. In order for the Sound Mapper to recognise output, you need to enable it in your Vista sound preferences.Right-click the sound icon next to the clock in your notification area (bottom-right of the screen by default), and select ?Recording Devices.?

3. Right-click the listbox (the white box that lists your audio devices) and check the option labeled ?Show Disabled Devices.?

4. The “Stereo Mix? option had to be enabled. Right click on the applicable option and select ?Enable.?

5. Be sure to disable/mute your microphone while doing this, and turn off system sounds (or mute them in the options menu for stereo mix if applicable).? This is to ensure minimal disruption from noise captured by the microphone.

There you have it. 5 simple steps to record streaming music into your Vista machine. The same 5 steps that will make RIAA and other manufacturers curse me if they knew this workaround. 🙂

| Link for Audacity software (free) |

151 replies on “How to record streaming music on Vista”

This ‘fix’ seems to be lacking some vital info. Everything was going well till we got to step #4. No options presented for enabling, particularly no ‘stereo mix’ option. Can the options be enabled in some other way?

Hi Paul,

I am not sure if you are using built-in recording input from your laptop/PC or if you are using any other chipset for recording streaming music.

If you do not have the option presented, I suggest that you do a check on your PC specs and consult the audacity forum for further advice on this.

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