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Virus Makes PC Talk, Laugh at You, While Erasing Hard Drive

If while surfing the Internet and suddenly your computer starts talking to you and tells you that you are infected and your files have been deleted, disconnect your Internet connection immediately.

It’s no joke, you have just been infected by the BotVoice.A Trojan.

You have been infected I repeat you have been infected and your system files have been deleted — Sorry, have a nice day and bye bye.

[ link here ]

It does this by using a text-reading program that is part of the Windows operating system, Panda said. Users of Windows 2003, XP, 2000, NT, ME, 98, and 95 are all at risk.

Unlike a virus, BotVoice.A does not jump from computer to computer on its own, but spreads via p2p (peer-to-peer) networks or storage devices such as CD-ROM or USB memory drives.

At least its an exciting virus? 🙂

106 replies on “Virus Makes PC Talk, Laugh at You, While Erasing Hard Drive”

To Ain,

Yeah, imagine a new kind of virus, able to communicate with you and knowing all your information and easily removing it from within your own eyes!!! 🙂

*hand raised*

after reading it a second time kn i went blur(as usual la kn) abg wat should a blur sotong like me should do to protect my pc???

hahaha my pc talking back to me.funny yes but disastrous!Lol.
Ahaks and Edroos commented about converting to Mac?
Tuan Director sponsor lah kiter orang sumer pat sini.Hehehe :p
Anyway Ed talking about Mac reminded me of this one scene from the movie “Wild Hogs”.The geek I.T guy in the cafe trying to get the attention of a lady by using his “talking” Mac book when it suddenly went berserk with sexual contents.LOl.

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