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What is VoIP ?

According to a recent study only 12 percent of the people surveyed were familiar with the concept of VoIP. Of those that knew it related to some type of phone service, even fewer understood how it actually worked. Given those statistics, now seems like good time for a quick overview of VoIP.

Who wouldn’t want to pay less for their phone service? That’s just one of the advantages VoIP can offer. It helps to understand what the technology is, how it works and how proper planning makes all the difference between success and failure.

Advantages of VoIP

1. Lower telecommunication expenses
2. Easy system to manage and support
3. Phone messages can be forwarded as email attachments.
4. Can act as mobile phone, thus can make “local” calls back home or call around the globe without worrying about cell phone roaming or hotel surcharges

How it works? (Note: May cause nauseous to some as its be a bit techie here)

Techie Definition of VoIP: A collection of digitally encrypted voice transmissions that are carried over a network based on a single common language, or protocol (TCP/IP).

Dummy Definition of VoIP: Converts the voice signal from your telephone into a digital signal that travels over the Internet and is then converted back at the other end, so you can speak to anyone with a regular phone number.

To improve performance, VoIP employs encoding schemes and compression technology to reduce the size of the voice packets so they can be transmitted more efficiently. Generally speaking, the higher the compression the more simultaneous calls you can have, but the lower voice quality will be.

Disadvantages of VoIP

Ok, the only two disadvantages of having VoIP that I’ve researched is that:
1. VoIP services will not work during power outages – no back-up power solution.
2. VoIP providers may not offer directory assistance or white pages listings as yet.

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Lenny, you need to check if the local ISP over there have VoIP access. Of course, the other party (here in SG) need to have VoIP subscription with either S/T/A/R/H/U/B or S/I/N/G/N/E/T before you can communicate.

It takes two to tango. More info, you can check out their respective websites.

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