Driving woes in Singapore

Sometimes I do wonder if most Singaporean car owners will die if they were to flick on the turn signal while changing lanes.

I mean, it takes less than a second to reach out and flick the freaking lever and yet they just simply cannot be bothered with it.

I remembered reading somewhere over the Internet that unintended lane change crashes were responsible for over 23,000 deaths (60 people killed a day) worldwide !!

Some people don’t believe in using signals or they are just oblivious to the fact that they are even driving a car at all. To me, it’s common courtesy and it makes good sense. How else do you expect the other drivers to know what you are doing?

Frequently using your turn signal is just a starting point towards a much higher philosophy of polite, and safe, driving. Something which I believe, is still missing in Singapore car owners as yet.

With all that is happening right now….

Baby sleeping style

i would probably surrender too !! 🙂

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