Lack of family support towards an individual

I read with emphathy, on one of the many bloggers out there, who feels that her family is putting her down and blaming issues that affect her studies blatantly, so much so that the individual blogger feels low in morale. I think that its a deja-vu issue that actually happened to me several years ago.

Of course, depression or lack of support in an individual has strong influence on all family members. The depressed individual begins to neglect family and household responsibilities. Over time, this causes the family to become angry because of their lack of understanding of this issue.

Issues such as this are widely misunderstood and interpreted as a lack of love and devotion to the family. Depressed people often do things to make their partners mad at them in order to show that they are rejected and unloved, which further maintains the depression.

Of course, this is not a sign of weakness or failure. If the family members become dejected, irritated, or indifferent, the depression will worsen. Accept and tolerate the fact that the individual has slowed down, largely lost interest in the family, and neglects social contacts and remember that previous episodes did end. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

I think that the best way to counter-effect such issues is to treat your loved one with patience and understanding and listen to the family member and accept him or her without trying to change them.

I hope that the particular blogger wound will heal, given time.

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On a separate note, I’m down with viral flu and given a NOT-ABLE-TO-WORK sign for 2 days.

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