Man throws shoes at President Bush

Being infamous in a foreign country is generally not a good farewell party for someone who is often regarded as the President of the ‘World’.

The following actually shows the build up of hatred and violence that the local citizens had to endure due largely to his failure in assessment of foreign policy, in particular, the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

The best part is, he had the cheek to say that ‘he have no idea what was the cause for the reporter to throw shoes at him’.

In Iraq, the act of throwing shoes is reserved as the highest possible sign of – HUMILIATION for a person to actually suffer from.

George Bush is a big liar when it comes to politics, the worst president of all time for America and quite possibly, the dumbest too, if you based it on this.

122 replies on “Man throws shoes at President Bush”

he is living in denial lah bro. he claims authority for most things but as per norm, avoids responsibility when things go wrong. if not avoiding, it will be sheer ‘i Dunno how this happened’ kinda attitude.
glad he’s ‘thrown off the throne’ finally.

now’s the bulk passed on to B.Obama. see how he fairs later on lah..

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