Ruthless Dictator alert

Kim Jong Il, the President of North Korea, is a criminally insane, murderous despot who, along with his party elite, should be removed from power by any means, including assassination, and at any cost. This is the dictator America should have targeted in 2003 and is the one they should be targeting now. He actually HAS weapons of mass destruction.


I just finished watching an excellent documentary titled Children of the Secret State: North Korea. You can download it here if you have a p2p program like Emule (just scroll down the page). The film was made using hidden cameras by a western journalist and a very brave North Korean who risks his life to expose the truth of this tragic society.

A few highlights..

* North Korea receives more international food aid per capita than any other country on Earth but the food is diverted to the ruling elite or sold on the black market. Little reaches the starving masses.

* Orphaned children by the thousands are forced to eat crumbs and morsels of rice dropped in the mud because there is no food. Adults eating right next to them will not share food as the government demands that the orphans be treated as if they don’t exist.

* Street orphans who become “pests” are rounded up and locked in hostels (old abandoned buildings) where they receive one to two spoonfuls of food a day and no medical care.

* Human flesh is sold in the marketplace as “pork”. Everyone knows what it is but nothing is said. Cannibalism is common knowledge and some are killed just for their meat.

* Many families are forced to eat tree bark, grasses and rats as they cannot afford to buy actual food.

* It is not uncommon for people to stay outside in the sub-zero winters because freezing to death is faster and less painful than starvation.

* The farmers with the most fertile land are forced to grow opium poppies instead of food. The government processes the opium into heroin for sale on the international drug market.

* One in every 100 North Koreans is in a prison camp. Guards are not allowed to treat the inmates like humans and are rewarded for killing those who attempt to escape. Former inmates report that guards sometimes command inmates to climb the fence just so they can shoot them.

* Women in the prisons are commonly raped by the guards. If they become pregnant, it is considered their fault and they face brutal punishments including being tied to a tree and having the foetus cut out with a knife. They are left to die there.

* Children are frequently tortured. Guard dogs are allowed to attack them for sport. Children are also forced to participate in the torture of other inmates such as in mass stoning until the victim is dead. The tragedies of the North Korean people go on and on. It is time for the international community to formulate a plan to rid the planet of this Stalinist maniac once and for all and establish some semblance of humanness in that country.

The excuse to take action need not be nuclear proliferation. Saving an entire generation from starvation is excuse enough.

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