Silly Campaigns

I always thought that since Government has been implementing and promoting
courtesy campaigns and many more, maybe people have started to change from being
ignorant to at least, a smile. Indeed, I was dead wrong.

Even our own community do not care less upon one another. There was an occasion where Dearie and I went to Cold Storage, and Dearie happen to meet another bunch of mid-twenties, one pushing a tram. Dearie merely gave a smile when their eyes met but the other party refuse to acknowledge back, at least with a smile. Instead, she just gave a blank look and walk away.

Or how about an occasion at Changi Airport canteen, where a lady raised her voice for all to hear and see, at two cleaners, both old enough to be her parents. The lady claimed that the two cleaners had thrown her food away while she went to buy another meal. All the while, when she continued devouring her food, she kept hissing and crack at the two of them.

After she left, the female cleaner came to collect our plates and I asked her about the whole incident. She told us that the lady was furious because apparently they had thrown away her food, although they deny that claim. They even told the lady that they are willing to pay back the amount but the lady continued to yelled at them.

I queried on the food that she was making a big fuss. It was $1/- worth of buns. Red-bean paste. Can you believe that? The things Singaporeans can be petty about. Both of us shook our heads upon hearing the comments. Obviously, the more educated some people are, the more arrogant they seem to be.

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Ahh biasalah tu .. singaporeans ni kan dah terlalu selfish. Everywhere lah, public transports, drivers .. sume lah dah gitu. U can count with your fingers the number of courteous people u come across within a yr.

Sad to say it’s not part of the Singaporean way of life to smile at strangers. I must admit, when a stranger smiles at me I pause for a split second and think do I know him/her and then smile back.

Unless of course the person is a hawt babe. Then the response would be immediate! 😀

Hah.. I knew I was not alone when I though we are all living aamongst non-civilised civilians. ALthugh we may be surprised by the rare acts of courtesy, in my opinion as a whole the nation is still a bunch of rude citizens.

I do smile at anyone smiling at me. Not a lot of people smile at me anyway. Unless I’m blur in my thoughts and don’t realise it. 🙂

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