Some female drivers

Yesterday at around 1200++, I was stuck in a massive traffic jam that started before the exit junction of Toh Guan Road @ PIE (Tuas) and stretched all the way to the exit at Clementi.

I was really wondering what on Earth happen because there was no traffic news from Class 95 and there was no message from EMAS signboards along the way. My guess was that the accident, if there was any, had just happened and help if probably on the way.

So at a speed of probably 20 km/h, I drove closer and closer till true enough, there was a Mazda 6 model that had its front body totally wreck and facing us, the incoming traffic. However, what made it funny was that there were no other vehicles in the apparent collision and since the Mazda is in the 1st lane, I presumed that it had hit the railings at the divider in the middle.

Lo and behold, as I made my pass, it was a female driver, with a cigarette in one hand and using a nail file to file her fingernails while every other cars were making a pass off her car. I mean come on, can’t we get a better picture than this ?

Shouldn’t she be more worried about the condition of her car than her fingernails ?!?! With no other vehicles hitting her, obviously her insurance policy and cost of repair works will come down hard on her since the front part have jutted out and touch the ground, requiring a tow back to the repair workshop.

But then again, she is driving a Mazda 6 that cost anywhere between 96k to 107k in Singapore. Hmm, at least, she is not doing something similar to her female counterparts in this video clip.

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part yg pompuan tu langgar gate sampai kereta dia terbalik is HILARIOUS!!!!
smmgnyer aku pun driver, but WTF! tempat besar sak!!! amcm leh salah estimate???
haiz.. sungguh memalukan..

The one after that is also hilarious (after she inserted her payment card at the gantry). She refused to straighten back the wheel first and tried a second time to force her way through. 🙂

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