Turning 29

In a few minutes time, I will be moving closer to becoming a year older. At 29, I would say that I have done quite well to get this far, though I am pretty sure that there is always room for improvement.

I can never ask for anything better than what I already have been given by Him. So much so that these past few years, I have no idea what else could I be wishing for when it comes to worldly desires.

Of course, my parents, in-laws, siblings and friends have been supportive towards me and my family. The single person that I should be grateful to will definitely be my wife, whom have consistently stayed by me and sharing my ups and downs these past few years.

Turning 29 would also mean that I am close to having the tens place value increases by 1. 10 years ago, back during my poly days, I had the same feeling. The feeling of not knowing what will happen in the next 10 years of my life.

All praise to God, in this decade, I met, married and started my own family and have a beautiful daughter.

And then there was 2.

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