Ungrateful bastard

I am utterly ashamed and disgusted on what was aired on Ch 8 yesterday. It was a documentary that depicts the lives of 3 men, an Indian and 2 Chinese, each making ends meet doing laundry services for the Singaporeans over the past 30 to 40 years separately.

In particular, the scene where they were interviewing each of them personally. The Indian man, already in his late 50s, laments that his son, in his mid-teens, was ashamed to help out with his parent’s laundry business as his friends once saw him putting the clothes out in the hot Sun to dry and therefore, felt embarrassed to help his dad anymore.

I mean, what the hell is wrong with his son? Its not like his mother is working as a prostitute or his dad is a rapist/thief/killer that he should be ashamed of.

This is the trouble with kids these days. They didn’t even realise that their own pocket money comes from their parents own hard labour. They failed to realise how hard it is for their parents to stay under the hot sun, ensuring that the customers laundry are well taken care of.

Yet, on Mothers Day or Fathers Day, they claimed to the world that they love their mum and dad but in reality, people can see the wayang that these kids put up by their responses to their parents work.

And what kind of friends are hanging out with his son? No friends of mine will stay with me if they chided my parents’ own bread and butter. To think that the son actually felt embarrassed because the friends think low on his fathers’ occupation. For all you know, the friends’ parents may be sending their own laundry to his father, without whom, they’ll probably be slaving their ass to wash the clothes.

I know the Dad did not indicate his sadness during the interview but God knows what’s going on in the mind of the parents who raised their child with lots of sweat, toiling under the pressure making ends meet just to give their child a proper education and being handsomely rewarded with:

“Sorry Dad, I feel very ashamed to help you out with your _dirty_ laundry business. My friends are watching me and I feel very embarrassed with them looking at me, a poly/jc student, doing this kind of work. You go ahead and do this work yourself ok.”

If this is the gratitude being thrown back at me, I’d probably wish that no son of mine is being born of such character.

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There’s few of those out there. Maybe, more worse that we have yet to see. That is truly one ungrateful bastard son. We should never be ashamed of our parents occupation. Thats the source of income.

I have seen a worse case where a mother sacrifice her body just to give her son and 2 daughters enough food and education. Yet the kids were so fu*king ignorance and embarassed. She was so sad that they have to endure with just rice and ikan bilis every day till one day her son rebelled not to eat. Therefore she was force to do so.

Dun ask me, who was it cos its gonna make u so angry… 😉 The rest who is reading this too…

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