What does life mean to you

No one can really say what life truly is. For me, life is best lived when you do not worry all the time. I just do my best to enjoy things and be happy.

Life also means understanding that every person and every creature and every plant are interconnected in multiple ways. We depend upon one another for survival.

I try my best to stay positive in everything, and to keep the things that mean a lot to me.

I live my life for you, my darling.

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to me life is an emotional and physiacal roller coaster. it takes you places you never imagine.the experiences are pricless and the opritunitys are endless.yea u hav your ups and downs but you hav to try and roll with the punches and live the moment to its fullest potential.Ok yea ur gonna cry and some times it will seem lik it will never get better, but in time it will and all u hav to do is belive in yourself and god.Then u will be able over come every hardship and then maybe ull leave footprints on this…crazy,funny,hppy,sad,loving,hating,unpredictable,never failing earth!

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