Seizures and spasms

I only had 1 hour of maths tutorial for the day but the lesson was cut short by 15 min due to an incident that occurred in class, a similar issue that happened during my NS days too.

Towards the end of the lesson, one of the trainees in the same tutorial suddenly develop some uncontrollable spasms and began talking unintelligibly. Some of the female trainees sitting near him shrieked and moved away from him, perhaps fearing for their own lives I suppose ?

It was through their cries that drew the class’s attention towards the male trainee. Even the lecturer was not sure what is happening to the trainee. As I turned to look at the guy, I can see that he is experiencing the same symptoms that I witnessed during my NS days, when one of the NSF, Fitriyandi, develop a seizure while in office.

There were only 4 guys in the tutorial and the rest of the ladies were not in a position to assist the guy. Immediately I requested for the lecturer to call and get assistance from the medical bay (she is a part-time staff, hence I can see in her eyes that she really was not expecting this to happen in her class).

One of the guys already step forward, claiming that he used to be a medic from the SAF and told the rest of the ladies to move away and provide more space for the trainee.

The trainee was trying to grab hold of anything around him hence, the ex-SAF medic requested for the rest of the guys including me, to help bring him down to the ground and let him stay there first. I obliged since he is after all, trained in this profession for 2.5 years. But it was his next move that made me wonder if it was actually the right thing to do.

He grab hold of a long, perhaps wooden, stick or rod and use this to wedge the trainee’s mouth open and place it in-between his teeth. I told him that this procedure might be incorrect since it could do the trainee more harm than good. But lo and behold, he retorted my argument and reiterated the fact that he knew what he was doing because he have seen such cases before.

I wasn’t satisfied with his reply since it just shows his arrogance in dealing within the situation but for the sake of the trainee, I had no choice but to give him the benefit of the doubt since he is probably exposed more to this kind of situation than I am. (Eddy, if you are reading this, did the ex-SAF medic perform the correct procedure on the trainee?)

The whole incident lasted about 15 minutes, after which slowly, the spasms stopped and the trainee was quiet though his face was kind of pale. The lecturer did not continue with the lessons though. She was probably a bit traumatised on the whole incident. I was told that she have contacted security and they have arranged for an ambulance to convey the trainee to receive further medical treatment. The rest of the class did not linger around to check on the trainee either. It was a Friday and that tutorial is our last lesson of the day.

But then again, I do not think that this trainee have a permanent seizure since M/O/E wouldn’t have employed him had they known about this issue through his medical records. Could there exist a temporary type of seizure that could have happen due to medications or derived from some other kind of injury?

I sincerely hope that the trainee recovered fully from this.

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That’s scary. Imagine if he’s a full-fledged teacher and suddenly this scenario happens in class. Imagine the panic eh? 🙂

nothin should be shove into a person’s mouth when they are fitting..
it will cos more harm to the upper airway..

what u should do is,
1) let him fit, and make sure he has alot of room and space…

2) clear any obstacles if any

3) keep track of the timing and the nature of the fits.. like, are the eyes rolling upwards?… spasm at specific places only… foaming in the mouth??…


I think the students will probably freak out by the incidents.

But like I said, and confirm today with his tutorial mates, this was the first time that he had such an incident happening to him.

I am not sure what MOE or NIE will report on his medical condition now though.

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