Singaporean Identity

I thought the Serangoon Gardens issue was over since F1 GP is already in the limelight. Because I can’t believe how snobbish some of the people inhibiting this island can be. And also because of the fact that most of the Kaki Bukit residents have stayed TOGETHER with these foreign workers in our own area for like, more than 10 years with no complaints !!

Heck, I think these workers have even stayed and relax under our void decks on Sunday nights with beer cans and picnic mats too. Of course, they will clean up their own mess, unlike some ugly Singaporeans whom normally don’t when they are at other public places.

The point is, they help us in our country and what’s wrong with providing them with simple lodging in return ? And for those of you whom are radical on the situation, the challenge is whether we who cherish and are cherished here can attain the highest vocation of both self and nationhood from this saga. In other words, do we accept our obligations to community?

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What Serangoon Gardens issue eh? I have been like the frog under the coconut husk for erm, close to 4 months now, due to us not buying newspapers.

Heck, I even miss the News on TV!

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