The tribute to my coursemates and the beginning of a new era

Today will mark the last day that I will be going for full-time training over in N/I/E. It has been a pleasant 2 years. This Monday will mark the start of me journeying into the real life scenario of a full-pledged teacher.

As I look back over the past 2 years, I tend to agree with what most of the teachers in both my contract and practicum school said to me before. Not to mention what the wifey have also mentioned numerous times too.

“Enjoy the life in N/I/E while you still can. “

“N/I/E is like a holiday camp, real work only starts when you become full-pledge teacher.”

“Sure you may not like doing assignments over there, but I’ll trade for it anytime compared to marking 40 composition papers every fortnightly.”

“You’re tired after doing assignments ? Wait till you start teaching in school. Then you will know the meaning of tired.”

In life, nothing good remains forever. Because all good things will definitely come to an end. But I guess, it is how you learn from these memories and being able to channel it positively forward so that you can reap the most benefits is what matters.

Hence, I would like to thank all of my acquaintances from NIE DipEd class of 2010 for all the enjoyable and fruitful memories that I’ve experienced during the tenure over in school. Hope that all of you will gain success in your respective schools too.

Now, about the preparation for the new school. There must be some form of checklist that I need to list down so that I can remind myself on what to expect or do. Let’s see…

  • Choice of clothes
  • Choice of pants
  • Choice of bags
  • Preparation of stationery and other materials
  • Preparation of documents to bring
  • Preparation of breakfast
  • Things to ask to P/VP/SCM
  • Things to say to P/VP/SCM

Judging from the list above, I think my wife knows me best and probably will settle 3/4 of the items above. Clearly, I thank God for having a wonderful wife by my side and putting up with my flaws and guide me a lot during these great times of ordeal despite she herself about to be in a greater ordeal soon.

Dear Allah, I pray for my wive’s safety during the delivery of my 2nd child. Amiin.

P.S: I love you.

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She is VERY SWEET to help you with the checklist despite her condition. So please do all you can to make her feel happy, safe and comfortable as always, hor.

By the way, sekolah apa kau masuk?

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