About Her

She For all the flaws that one may acquire, there is always another to complement the person. For me, the woman that have showed far more compassion and love towards me can be no other than the lady in the picture.

A relationship that was established with words of love and actions that are showered with spark passions and romance, it all began way back, near to the start of the millenium and have been a beautiful and blessful experience together ever since.

A petite bona fide character that is genuinely interested in helping others, it makes no surprise that she is in the education fraternity and encourages me to join in.

Who is she?

She is the light that brighten up my darkest hour in need.

She is the one whose shoulder that I use to cry upon (and at times, sleep upon with drooping saliva… ).

She is the witty advisor, more often than not helping me to decide on things that I need further insight upon.

She is the lady, the well-mannered and considerate woman with high standards of proper behavior.

She is the woman, especially when spoken of or to will reply in a polite way.

She is the female to whom I am romantically smitten with and will always remain in my heart.

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