the world is full of evil

Let’s put it this way.Sometimes, I wish Death Note do exist.

It will make life and quite possibly, the world, a lot pleasant to live in.

Some bastards are not meant to hold high posts, even in religious councils.

In the end, its money that makes the world goes round.

The irony of it all. Its those that do not have syllabus-based educational system that is able to provide more for the society at large, compared to those who undergo several years of education overseas but come back and start barking like dogs but soon realised that no one is listening.

So what do dogs do at the end of the day ? Continue barking ? Nay ?

The world is full of evil.


what do teenagers talk about these days

Reading teenagers’ blogs (both gender) these days are funny. Almost all will talk about the same thing.

1) Relationship, whether its between crisis among their boyfriend/girlfriend or clashes between their own gender.

2) Not able to get the amount of freedom that they yearn for.