Baby’s right to live in this world is NOT granted in Britain

Just read this tragedy via BBC News…

A judge’s ruling on Thursday that it was in the nine-month old boy’s best interests to withdraw his life sustaining treatment. The High Court ruling gives doctors at an unnamed NHS trust powers to turn off the ventilator keeping “baby OT” alive.

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About funeral and obnoxious people

I have always wondered if some people actually know the appropriate behaviour that should be don when you are in a cemetery or even when you are present at the deceased place.

More importantly, I thought you need to be polite and observe the procession with utmost silence, deep cogitation with your own thoughts and more importantly, not to laugh or have fun joking around with other visitors.

With no sensitivity being shown towards the family members of the deceased, I shudder to think how these people will educate their young ones about such matters.

And I do not think that talking about the rise of COE, the latest football results and about HDB flats is going to help the deceased.

Please, she had just ended her small judgement day and in need of prayers. If you do not wish to give any, refrain from talking such issues.

At times I am surprised as how such people can thrive talking about such matters in front of a dead body. Worse, they do not have any black hairs.

Dunia kata pergi, kubur kata mari.