Another reason to reaffirm my belief of being a teacher

Earlier this afternoon, after the last period of the day, a student came up to me and said, ?Thank you Mr Shaifudin.?

Had it been some other students or for some other reasons, I wouldn?t have kept my mind about it. But this is someone special. Someone whom have been having difficulty expressing his words, his feelings since Primary 1. Someone whom have been getting <30 marks for any subjects since the day that he can remember taking his first exam paper.

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The answer to your query

You asked me whom would I have made my wife had our path not crossed.You asked me what would have happened should we have not met before.

I understood what you are asking of me. And I know why you are asking me. Indeed, if you need me to repeat to you, I would have said the same thing here.

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Marriage and maintaining a healthy relationship

Marriage is in many ways a simplification of life, and it naturally combines the strengths and wills of two people so that, together, they seem to reach farther into the future than they did before. Above all, marriage is a new task and

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Tips for long lasting relationship

A couple of days back, I had the privilege to meet up and repair a Nurse Manager PC, someone infamous with Helpdesk too. 🙂

As I got to talking with the Sister while busy fiddling with her BSOD error, she told me she has been married for 38 years!! She got married when she was 17. Now, naturally of course I asked her if she had any words of wisdom about what makes a relationship successful for the long-term. And here’s what she said.

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Relationship: Does age really matters ?

Age differences attract a lot of negative attention, but they really shouldn’t matter. It only matters when one person is to young to make proper decisions. It’s also the maturity and life experience that counts.

Frankly, as with all things on this topic, it’s down to the two people in question. If they are both mature enough to make their own decisions, then why shouldn’t they?