Day 2 of OVR (Operation Voice Retrieval)

As the title suggest, my voice is still not fully back yet. Coarse yet I am not unable to talk even in normal mode. I probably have a 90% confirmation as to the cause of it now.

Anyway, the year 2011 kicks off with several appointments being given to me. It was a mad rush during the first two weeks but I gradually have a firm grasp of the workload recently. This is also probably true since the remedial classes have yet to kick off till after CNY.

The updates on this blog may not be that frequent anymore, what with the evolution of social networking sites that allow macro-updates being done through mobile phones rather than using a laptop/pc. Nevertheless, the site remains here, serving as a memory and a chapter in my life.

Love One

What does turning 30 means to me

I consider myself to be someone who is fortunate enough to live and see the age of 30. My condolences to those whom have passed on and sincerely wished that they have found a better place.

In fact, I do remember that 10 years ago, I had come across this same sentiment after I reached my birthday. Every year, I am blessed with gifts from Him and however small these are, I knew that they will have a huge impact on my life in the long run. Hence, this entry is dedicated to showing those significant events that happened to me in the past decade.


5 day KL getaway trip

Monday (touchdown)

Venue: Midvalley

Eating establishment: Yoshinoya (lunch) & Domino’s Pizza (dinner)

Total FOOD Damage: RM$100


Venue: Suria KLCC & Berjaya Times Square

Eating establishment: A&W (1st mini-lunch @ KLCC), some Indian cuisine called Bombay’s something (main lunch @ Berjaya Times Square) and Subway (dinner @ Mid-Valley)

Total FOOD Damage: RM$150


Venue: Sunway Pyramid & Lagoon

Eating establishment: Carl’s Junior (dinner)

Total FOOD Damage: RM$70


Venue: Jalan Masjid India and Petaling Street

Eating establishment: A&W (lunch) and KFC (dinner)

Total FOOD Damage:RM$75

Friday (take-off)

Venue: Midvalley

Eating establishment: Tony Roma’s Ribs, Seafood and Steaks

Total FOOD Damage: RM$80

But the joy at watching all of us enjoying ourselves ???


69 days of school break

It can’t get any better than this!! Post-exams fever… woohoo!!! 🙂

Day 1 (yesterday) didn’t start off well though.

Ask Men Love One

New Chelsea Player purchased after losing to Liverpool

This might be the saviour and quite possibly give Sir Alex or Rafa some change in tactical formation for their chase of the Premier League title.


Happy 8 year anniversary to my wife

The goal in marriage is not to think alike, but to think together…

As such, I thank you for putting up with my rants and sharing my thoughts and views together. Expecting many more fantastic years to come with you by my side.