Technology in Education

When is the computer considered a hindrance to learning?

Some people simply think that they should be using technology in every single aspect of their teaching, simply because it is the next cool thing to do. But I beg to differ.


Comparing technology 10 years ago and now

My wife purchased this as part of our 9-year anniversary.


It is a Seagate external hard-drive with a capacity of 1tb. That’s 1000GB for the uninitiated. The cost of this drive is almost $170.

10 years ago, with the same amount, I could only get this.

iomega zip drive 250

Its an IOMEGA Zip Drive that can only supply a capacity of only 250 MB.

1 TB = 1000 GB

1 GB = 1000 MB

So, 1 TB = 1000 000 MB ( One million MB)

How technology have evolved till this far really surprises me.