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Guys who can’t let go of their broken relationship

It just irritates me to see guys who are soft-hearted and cannot overcome the fact that their girlfriends have left them – for more than a week !!

The worst part would be them spilling their sadness and woes into blogs, claiming not being able to eat properly or slept for only 2 hours each day or always wait at the girl’s void deck or opposite block in an effort to have a glimpse of their ex.

And what did the ex-girlfriend do ? Now that she is free, she indulges herself in all the luxuries in life that previously she have left behind and make new friends and connections in life. In other words, she moved on.

Why do guys have issues leaving such emotional trauma behind ? In the past (say 90s la because I’m not that old yet), most guys I knew that just dump their girlfriends or vice-versa would be having a new girl within the next few days (if they are desperate for one)

Sure they make have fond memories about their ex but at the same time, they know how to deal with it. Unlike guys of the younger generation (new millenium) these days, they can’t simply fathom such harsh facts in life.

The worst thing was, the girl kept thinking about her EX-BF even during the time they were together. If it was me, I would have just left her right there and then. But no, this guy just CLING on to his faltering hopes that someday, she will realised how faithful he is to her and start loving him.

Sorry bro, life ain’t like your typical Hindi movies and not all movie plots appear like this is reality.

One word for that bro and goes to all guys out there if you are reading this and felt that you are being bitched about by me (because of the similar incidents happening to you right now) : GET A FREAKING LIFE AND STOP WHINING ABOUT YOUR BROKEN RELATIONSHIP !!

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