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Backup server to harddisk

Yesterday my friend told me a funny incident that I almost die of laughter.

2 weeks back an N/T/U undergrad currently undergoing attachment at my friend’s company tried to backup the company server into.. his PC harddisk!! My friend was expecting his harddisk to crash, instead it caused the server to operate erratically for the whole day and causing great inconvenience to the company.

On top of that, he tried to backup the database server, and configured to run the backup sequence once every two hours. Ask him why, he say DONNO. Classic reply from an idiot.

He ask me for advise on this issue. My first question to him was:

Did he COPY and PASTE??? 🙂

Of course, on a more serious note, I told him to send the guy back to N/T/U again for re-training lah. But then again, his professors at N/T/U didn’t know how to backup a Server either. They go from BSc -> MSc -> PhD -> Professor, never did a backup in their lives and never worked in the industry. What do you expect them to produce? 🙂

Furthermore, I told him that even before the backup is completed, new data would have been made, rendering the earlier backup obsolete. Besides, such a move will only waste storage space and bandwidth to achieve nothing.

What’s noteworthy in this whole issue is…

– The qualities of some local graduates are alarming!
– The standard of NTU is alarming!

I leave you guys to decide on it.

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I think it’s just some of the IT-idiots trying to act smart larh…


Next time tell him, go back up your PC to a floppy diskette. 😀

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