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Image-based Spam

Have you noticed more spam in your inbox lately? You’re not alone.

Among the lead culprits in the spam overflow is a new take on an old technique called image-based spam. By definition, image-based spam contains its unwanted content inside of graphics, making it difficult for some spam filters to identify.

According to a new study from e-mail security vendor IronPort, image-based spam in June of 2006 represents 12 percent of all spam, up from only 1 percent in June of 2005. [LINK]

Each of these messages may well appear to be unique to the spam filters, which makes identification particularly challenging.

An increase in the number botnots and their associated zombies is also helping to drive increasing volumes of unwanted content into inboxes. Botnets are made up of armies of compromised zombie machines that are controlled by a malicious host that has infected them in some way.

The increase in zombies and image-based spam is also leading to an increase in the overall total amount of spam.

If you are a bit blur or confused about all these zombies, lookup for the definition here

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