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Searches made that lead you to my site

Since acquiring the new WP statistics plugin modification from Markus Kaemmerer that was initially based on Shaun Inman’s ShortStat,I’ve been getting rather accurate but weird searches that visitors have queried which led them here.

Among others include:

The top hit, Ah Beng vs Bangla mp3.

Not in any sorting order, “singtel mio plan“, “mio plan upload speed“, “singtel customer service mio hotline“, “singtel mio box DSL 2wire“, “singtel mio VS starhub” and “Singtel MIO manual”

Hmm.. I wonder if Singtel have affiliation programs for recommendations to their product 🙂

Of course, the keywords being used that led them here includes:

  • katak
  • Bangla And Ah Beng MP3
  • mio plan upload speed
  • declone definition [Hahahah… yes, the definition of declone aka Herman 🙂 ]
  • nanaca crash [ the flash game that occupy most of my time in December 06 ]
  • Geylang Girls [errr….]
  • W. Herbert Horner [ who the fuck is this guy???? And it got 2 hits from my site ]
  • bandwidth offered by starhub for broadband

And the Number 1 rank in Yahoo search engine: “Happy birthday Darling

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