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Signs to indicate your memory card is corrupted

Here are several tell-tale signs to indicate that you better invest in another memory card or thumb drive when the next IT Show kicks in.


Weird filenames

You open up your thumb drive or memory card and discovered strange file names that you can be sure even an 80 year old would not be naming it. Or an 8 month old for that matter. 😛


You can normally see file type of jpeg, gif, application, text document, icon file but what kind of file is T@Q or JA> or $ ???


The ultimate indication.

Date modified = 4th January 1918 ??? I shudder to think what date was the file created in the first place.

When either of these 3 signs appear before you, I suggest for you to try and backup any data that you have left in your drive/card before choosing the reformat option.

If the problem still persist, its better for the rubbish bin to have it. 🙂

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Yeah, I’ve actually got no problems with Kingston since eons. Perhaps this is just 1 out of those 1,000,000 perfect items that came out defective and guess who got it ? 🙂

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