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The XP versus Vista saga

Due to the longevity of Windows XP Professional, it has become necessary to produce more product keys for system builders in order to support the continued availability of Windows XP Professional through the scheduled system builder channel end-of-life date,” wrote the Microsoft system builder team on its blog yesterday.

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Microsoft fans will point to this as proof that XP is a good, solid OS that has stood the test of time. Microsoft detractors will point to this as proof of the failure of Vista to impress users enough to change.

They are both right :-p

I think more people actually appreciate XP since Vista’s arrival. It’s such a hassle because every manufacturer is loading up Vista, feels like Microsoft are shoving it down our throats.

124 replies on “The XP versus Vista saga”

XP wins hands down, even though Vista’s interface is cooler.

Aiyah, kalau dah Windows tu, Windows jugak. Tak payah nak copy Mac lor.

Suhaila, for the ‘cooler’ interface, you have to change 1001 things in your hardware/software first.

Now many are willing to do such a thing 😛

Agreed. XP ftw! Hurr.

Actually, I’m not an XP fanboy lah, and there are a lot things that are wrong with XP… But vs Vista? I’ll take the lesser of the two evils, thank you very much.

Oooh, that previous comment was done in school! Now watch as my browser shows up as FF. Woot!

Okay dah tu je. 😀

ooo yes yes yes!!

eversince the birth of Vista, my team has never ending trails of driver compatibility problems with other trails of shit that Vista has bundled in it..

and endusers expect support for Vista to be super duper excellent despite the fact that the OS itself sucks big time.


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