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Welcome back to work / school (delete whichever applicable)

To all the teachers and students out there, welcome back to another term in school.

To all those who went on holidays, welcome back to work.

Of course, this meant that the customers are back in full force.

List of common issues faced by us after our customers came back from leave/holidays:

1) “Help! I can’t login into Windows. What did YOU do to my account?”

2) “My PC can’t boot up. Did YOU come down during the weekend and do anything to my computer?

3) “My printer is spoilt. It refuses to print despite me sending multiple printjobs to 62534 printers in the network. Is the network down? ”

4) “My monitor is showing no display. Don’t ask me what to do, just get your man to come down here!” *click*

5) “I called a few times last night and this morning at (1,2,3,4 or 5) am. Didn’t you receive my urgent call to get someone to come here immediately? Let me speak to your manager!”

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