Love One

2nd year anniversary

I have come to realise love is so much more than words, tears, embrace, love letters, etc. It is a power. A power that propels the process of life. Now I understand from a different level why is it so admirable to see couples who would hold their hands in their old ages. They went through a life long process together.

Looking at this past year from a distance, I felt it has been so much different from our first. Romance never parted us but we advanced on mastering the power behind of our love. We’ve set a goal for our lives and we are reaching the goals by doing what we are doing. That’s another stage in love that we are moving to – reality. I’d name the first stage in love as affection because a couple tends to express their love more often in manners than actions.

When life becomes somewhat predictable, my heart is at peace and I am so much more satisfied and happy. Thank you for your another year of dedication in my life darling. I love you!

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