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Back to school

It’s been 8 years since I graduated from school. So much so that going back to study makes me a tad kanchiong according to wifey. That too, studying on how to teach ! 🙂

This week is still considered as my relaxation week, with orientations and lesson time-tables being drawn up by the admin staff. I’ve seen some the student-teachers a couple of days back during the presentation and I’m surprised to see quite a few more mid-career change personnel, some with even 10K++ monthly salary willing to go for the cut just so to secure the future. Economy must be damn bad outside for private firms.

Within 60 days, Aaliya have grown to a whopping 6++ Kg and that means I can now substitute my dumbbells to just carrying her everyday. Not to mention her poop can be a tad heavy too at times !!


Juggling my career by going back to study while at the same time taking care of the baby, I ought to really thank my wife for showing me a lot of things that needs to be done as a father and being a very caring and understanding wife.

I love my family very much.

If you want it, we can have it next year. And the year after that too. Make that 3 in a row. *Mwah*

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Ko dah planning number 2 and 3?? Kekekekkee ..

If u are, aku suggest ko pelan2 kayuh dulu. U wouldn’t want to end up like me. I just lost a 2K LCD TV to the wonderful hands of my 3 year old. Duit baby bonus yg gahmen kasik pun tak boleh recover balik lahh duit TVC tuh!!!

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