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Being 28 means…

Personally, I think that being 28 means so many different things. Earlier bedtimes, eating healthy. No caffeine. Learning to like shows like Matlock.*gasp*

But I do have to concur. Growing older is considered bad. In a society that glorifies beauty and productivity, older people are devalued in reality. I am excited about growing older, and yet, according to the message of the society, I am about to pushed out of the ranks of “cool”.

Cosmetics companies make billions each year marketing wrinkle creams, make-up to hide wrinkles, and skin enhancers. Looking young, looking fresh is one of the biggest industries there is currently.

When I was young, I used to think people that were interested in history were all old men with nothing better to do, yet now, I’m finding that I’m getting more and more interested in history also. I suspect that as we get older and get past our own experiences, we seek answers and curiousity about how others in the past have lived and learned.

This year is a pretty much memorable year for me. Celebrating my birthday along with my wife is of course, the Royal tembam Highness, Syaima Aaliya.

Let’s see the list of stuff that I received for my birthday.

Maxtor 250GB portable hard-disk complete with a Chelsea sticker.

A choc fudge cake

A set of cupcakes with decorated Chelsea soccer balls on each and everyone, complete with jersey no.28

Lunch specially cook personally by my parents.

Dinner specially ordered by my in-laws and quite possibly, a treat from my brother/sister in laws.

A set of Nike and Adidas jersey/shirts courtesy of my in-laws

A t-shirt from my sister.

A pair of jeans from my parents.

Coitus in the morning and night. TWICE. 🙂

Thank you to all that have sms-ed me on the night/day/following day/2 days later with your well-wishes.

Many thanks to my Darling for going through all the trouble to make my 28th birthday a truly memorable experience for me to remember. Love you very much.

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