Love One

Definition of Suhainis

S – Sweet – one need to see for themselves to see the sweetness of oneself.

U – Understanding – Perhaps an attribute that every teacher is required to have, she have a tolerant and sympathetic look to the poor and needy.

H – Helpful – Always ready to provide assistance and show a great deal of willingness to help out despite not being her obligations.

A – Animated – Someone filled with activity and courageous, she is a lively person to those who know her well.

I – Informal – Conservative lady, relaxing manner providing a warm and friendly feeling to those around her.

N –Nonchalant– Someone who is not easily swayed by persuasive words, either from the sellers or from someone close, even to me at times. 😛

I – Imperturbable – Not excited over things and behave in a calm manner at times.

S – Sexy – Damn she’s highly appealing and attractive for that manner.

All the words summed up into one, my precious darling, Suhainis bte Samsi. She may seem to be minute to some but I bet that when she start to raise her voice to her kids, one may think that its the sound of thunder 😛

Jokes aside, I simply treasure her and thank God that I’ve found my one true love whom I can relate ALL my issues with and thank her too for staying by my side.

*kisses to the forehead* *Oops*

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