Love One

Happy birthday darling

bini 1

When I first saw you, I thought you are the princess of my dreams.
With passing years, you conquered me totally.
And now you are the queen of my heart.

bini 2

Your hand in my hand, your eyes in my eyes, your love in my heart, and mine in yours, help life sail smoothly.

Darling, you make a wonderful wife.
Happy birthday sweetie.

birthday cake

104 replies on “Happy birthday darling”

i wanna msg kakak when clock strike midnight..but im afraid i might disturb her sleep..

however i kirim a doa for her..i heart her too..btw ni gmbr mane eh??

Ini gambar make-over kat JB yang tak menjadi. I look so round in such tudung wear. Sebab tu never publish. Bleargh! Bolehkan diletak di sini plak. =p

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