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If two people love each other (very much), but they just can’t seem to get it together, when do you get to that point of enough is enough?

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When both parties realise that love itself isn’t enough to sustain a relationship, that it takes more than just being so-called soulmates, that both of them need to sit down together and work it out, that it takes two to tango, then that’s the point of enough I say.

To me, the point of “enough is enough” sounded more to like fighting / quarrelling rather than the point of loving each other deeply till nothing can break them apart. Maklum selalu tengok cerita love love, lepas tu selalu terdengar dia org kata “enough is enough”!!! Kira bertekak ah… Kalau kira time aman damai tu loviing loving tu kira time dah sama2 naik haji ah.. Hehhe..

But the foundation of the whole argument here implies that if both of them love very much, why should there be any repurcussions or sit down and talk things out?

When the feeling of dissatisfaction arises, do you think the “love so deep till I die” matters? After all, human beings are selfish, no matter how deep your love is to the other, the word “me” will naturally come up.

Of course you may argue, “I love you so much I’m willing to give up everything” but there comes one time when you wake up and realise everything is about her/him, then you’ll start to think, “Hey! What about me???”

Love itself in this century isn’t enough to sustain a relationship. When you start living together, you’ll have to be open on issues of money matters, relations with his/her family and adapt to the negativities of your other half. If love still does matter most to you both, you’ll both learn to be very tolerant with the other and after that, I suppose the phrase “enough is enough” will not come up afer all. 🙂

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