Love One

To the one I love

I check and found that in 6 more days, we will be celebrating our 78th month together. Wow. It felt like only yesterday that I saw her picture in the now defunct website.

Yet, here we are, together, happily married and joining hand-in-hand with our daily activities.

My wife deserves to know of the respect I have for her. I don’t know if guys really think about women as the love machines they really are. By love machine I mean they are capable of loving on so many levels and in so many ways that it stupify’s the average man.

My wife has a way about her that often puts me to shame. She has tenderness and compassion, she is empathetic and insightful, she is graceful and beautiful.

Words cannot nearly express the caliber of this woman with whom I am blessed. She support me, makes so many special times for us and take care of me.

From the first day we met to the last breath I take I will not stop ever loving you. I loved you from the first moment I saw you.

I love her and want the whole world to know I love her. I am proud of my wife so I make this declaration to Suhainis, my lover, best friend and my wife.

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Congrats upon ur 78th month together. Cepat masa berlalu kan. BTW, apa dlm kotak tu, aku tak nampak apa2 pun.. 😉

you are one of those few and far between men who are not afraid to show their softer/ more emotional side.

my best and regards to the both of you lovebirds =)

yyihiiii…..din you’re so sweet to your wifey
hope you have many more months to celebrate together …. =)

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