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What does turning 30 means to me

I consider myself to be someone who is fortunate enough to live and see the age of 30. My condolences to those whom have passed on and sincerely wished that they have found a better place.

In fact, I do remember that 10 years ago, I had come across this same sentiment after I reached my birthday. Every year, I am blessed with gifts from Him and however small these are, I knew that they will have a huge impact on my life in the long run. Hence, this entry is dedicated to showing those significant events that happened to me in the past decade.

At 20, I remember completing my polytechnic life and obtaining my Diploma. The future looks promising because IT was the IN thing and before the influx of the foreign talent, there was a shortage of diploma holders in this field. This was also the year where I came across a picture of my wife through an online network community (not Facebook or Friendster) and got bitten by her virtually.

I celebrated my 21st birthday just 3 days before I was enlisted in National Service. Again, National Service, thought by some to be a waste till now, actually is a great opportunity for me to network with people from all walks of life.

When I was 22, I got deeper into my relationship with my wife. It was sometime around this year that we decided to create a website to establish our presence to the world. Hence, was born. Not to mention with some input/advice from our matchmaker herself.

At 23, there were 2 important decisions made that changed my NS life. The first was the appointment of me as SGT amid all the controversies and the scuffles involved, that led to me being subsequently appointed as a Parade CSM as well. The second, was another appointment of me as the President of the NSF Mess committee. The latter exposed me further to the outside world as it requires me to liaise with external vendors and organisations.

I celebrated my 24th birthday as a?fianc? to my then girlfriend (who is now my wife!). That itself is a major milestone for that year. Not to mentioned the fact that I landed on my first full-time job after I completed my NS stint sometime earlier that year.

When I was 25, there was no major event that?occurred?that year, albeit for the start of a cyst that kept appearing above my right eye for the next few months.

At 26, my wedding solemnization and reception was the major event for that year.

My 27th birthday was spent with my wife waking up by my side. It was also a time to grief when my wife had a first miscarriage. But what we lost, we gain it over the next year (and two years later).

When I was 28, I celebrated it with my first child, Syaimah Aaliya. As a father for the first time, to have a cute daughter and a lovely wife celebrating my birthday together is definitely a great blessing from Him to me. Not to mention that this was the year when I switched my career and chose to join the teaching profession, after 4 years in the technical field.

At 29, I celebrated my birthday amidst the numerous assignments due during my two year course in the teaching institute. Again, I was happy because changing my career proved to be the right choice for me as well as the ability to spend more time with my family.

So what does turning 30 means to me?

Well, traditionally, young people set goals, deadlines for achievements and accomplishments they hope to obtain, first by the time they are thirty, and then as that age looms near, at least by the time they are forty. Thirty is that magic year-the decade before forty when the ?decline? begins. Turning 30 years old is a memorable time of my life based on the factors that I have listed above.

Many see themselves as old enough to (finally) know how to enjoy themselves but young enough to (still) have a good time. While I echoed the sentiments, I also realised that money is not about health, happiness, fame or peace of mind life is.?It is also not about ?having fun, get over a bad day, or to say things we?couldn’t?have when we were younger. It is realizing we do not have to ?be friends? with people we don?t like or who are unkind, or who annoy others just because they can.

It?s hanging out with people we just plain like hanging out with.

Thank you to the wonderful people in my life that have changed my life, in one way or another. Many thanks to all those that have wished me through various mode of communications. Lastly, thank you to my lovely wife whom have painstakingly stayed by my side and continued loving me.

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