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What is Love?

Have you ever been in love? And if you have, how do you know its real love?
I’m not trying to find out for the sake of knowing if anyone is in love or ever has been, I’m trying to decipher what real love is.

I know that God is love, and that’s true love. But I’m not talking about that kind of love; I’m talking about the love that someone feels for someone else. The heart racing, breath taking, head over heals, I’d give my life for you kind of love…

Don’t worry coz I’ve known my love but how do you know when love is real or if you’ve been smitten by the love-bug?

108 replies on “What is Love?”

You’re right about God being love. He is the Epitome of Love.

I also feel that love transcends everything else and it doesn’t have to only mean the breath taking/head over heels kind. Anyhow, “real love” is overrated. What “real love” means to you might not necessarily be the same for me.

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