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You think you’ve found true love ?

You think after spending 5 years together, you’ve found true love? You think that after spending so much time together, do you think the guy/girl is THE one that you’re looking for?

You think after you’ve known the person for ages and even get married to each other, you’ve found true love? Do you think your marriage is based on love? Really?

For the past few years, I’ve come across friends and acquaintances coming back to me and telling me that they’ve had instances of their spouses/boyfriends/girlfriends cheating behind their back. Is that love to begin with?

What is love? Definition from refer to love as:
A feeling of intense desire and attraction toward a person with whom one is disposed to make a pair; the emotion of sex and romance

Then why do we have issues with cheating husbands/wives/boyfriends/girlfriends if we have found true love? How should one manage when facing such issues?

Some say that the basic factors of a relationship is TRUST, HONESTY, and RESPECT. If you dont have any 1 of these then it wont work.

In my next entry, I’d probably do a write up on how to handle such issue though.

As for me, true love is when you are able to look at the persons’ good and bad qualities day in and day out and still want to be with them, still want to have and hold a relationship with them.

When you disagree, which happens in all healthy relationships, you manage to still find a part of you which has compassion for that person. It’s when you love a person regardless of how they look when they wake up, even if they gain or lose a few or a lot of pounds.

Love, in my opinion is a choice, we choose to love and choose not to love.

And to my darling Suhainis, I really do found true love since the first day I met you. Honest.

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I personally feel that cases of cheating partners occur, due to action in pursuit of attraction.

Let’s face it, attraction can happen anytime, anywhere. Even if you’re married, the minute you see a beautiful woman / handsome man, your heart does a 360 degrees turn. It’s normal because it’s just attraction. However, the test is to curb yourself from going any further than that. It’s when you take action due to your attraction, that voila! You officially become the biggest cheater in the world (according to your partner perhaps).

That’s personally how I feel.

Latest entry in my journal you mean? No, that’s a song by a band called Evergrey. Nak lagu? Aku email kau.

Love is also about accepting nature or characteristics of our love ones.

Pernah nampak kes sebelum kahwin, fuhh bukan kepalang romantiknya. Bila dah bersama, baru dapat tau perangai nya. Baik buruk nya.

Ada juga yg cepat jemu dengan teladan yg ditunjukkan lalu cinta seolah olah pudar. Lebih2 lagi lelaki, time cinta udar je, nampak perempuan ayu, pantang… Hehhe…

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