3 questions – Part 3

You’ve been given the responsibility of packing away any three items in a time capsule to be opened up in 400 years. What would you put in there to give folks an idea of what life is like in the early 2000s?

Personally, I am not confident that Earth will still evolve till the year 2406 due to the steady declined of environmental conditions we are facing.

If however, I do get a chance to stay in the time capsule, here are a list of 3 most valuable items that I would like to bring with me.

1) My wife. To show the folks in the future, that there exist a man and woman gender during the past. This is applicable if the future folks comprise of clones/robots/cyborgs/androids and no original human being are left in the future. Also, if my raging hormones get the better of me, I can’t possibly hump a metal can I? Oops…

2) My family photos, for remembrance.

3) Perhaps a copy of Koran, to convert these cyborgs to Islam ? 🙂

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Ehhhh, cheapskate! You totally changed the questions! =_=”

You’re allowed to choose 3 items to be packed away inside the time capsule! You’re not included! Hahahahaha.

Then you pack yourself inside the time capsule, you’d be dead within the day! No need to wait 400 years. Hahahah. Time capsule leh, not time machine. Hahahahaha.

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