69 days of school break

It can’t get any better than this!! Post-exams fever… woohoo!!! 🙂

Day 1 (yesterday) didn’t start off well though. Aaliya was down with fever and been having constant runny nose for the past few days so brought her to the baby and child clinic at Tampines for checkup. Alhamdulillah, with the medications provided and the love of many, she is getting well.

Day 2 (today) started off quite well for me. After sending wifey to work this morning, I parked the car at the carpark located in Bedok Reservoir fitness area and did a complete round in … close to 1.5 hours !!! *lol*

Initially had wanted to burst my way round by jogging throughout but I think my body cannot adapt to the sudden change and I probably did 1/3 jog and 2/3 walk or part thereof. 😉

Of course, apart from my resolution to at least shed off some fats by the end of my 69 days break, I do have come up with a list to do to occupy my time.

Among others would be the 2 major events to look forward this May/June, where on 30th May, Aaliya’s 1st year old birthday party will be held at Aloha Loyang and if everything goes well, on the 8th of June, we’ll be off relaxing to a 5-day trip in KL with our partners-in-crime 🙂

Shall blog again soon. Gotta start burning movies video files worth up to 200GB into DVDs now.

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I am so jealous. RARR! I also want holidays now.

By the way, here’s a fitness tip. Maybe you might want to start with just walking for the entire round first? Perhaps for a day or two, after that you can brisk walk a bit and eventually pick up the pace from there. Insya Allah, you’ll be running smoothly by the end of your 69 days. 😀

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