A birthday wish for the birthday girl

My wife has been someone whom I have never failed to ignore after my mother. When it comes to putting up with my idiosyncrasies, I guess no one else can stand it better than what she have done so far.

She was barely 18 when I got to know her for the first time. Yet, even though we have been married for close to 6 years now, she remains as beautiful as she was back then. For all her elegance and enchanting looks, the mere fact that she stood by me made me fall in love with her even deeper.

I have never said this to her yet and I guess I will never say it but I shall just state it for the record here. She may be reaching her big Three-0 soon but age have yet to catch up with her.

My dear Suhainis,?as you reach your birthday tomorrow, apart from wishing you a happy and prosperous birthday, I would like to urge you to turn the challenges that you face into opportunities and also to have the strong motivation to improve. Remember that I will always be by your side, listening to your constant bickering in the car and will always offer you my advice should you ask for it.

I am sorry for physically not being able to be with you on your big day but I will always think of you in my heart, for eternity.

I love you Darling.