A mother kicked from aeroplane after her toddler repeats “bye bye plane.”

Talking toddler, mother kicked off aeroplane

What were they thinking ? That the 2 year old was a terrorist? The flight attendant should be sterilised. She is clearly retarded when it comes to children anyway.

If they don’t fire the attendant and make efforts to rectify the issue with the woman she should sue the shit out of them.

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I read an article on this. Apparently they were annoyed by the ‘noice’ from the mother and child. Not really for a terrorism threat but more so for the fact that they were ‘annoying’ other passengers.

It is crazy really. And to think the authorities allowed her to be thrown off the plane. The attendant is a nut. A screwed up nut!

Hi ET,

I think it also reflect greatly on the recently brought up article about the family who was having a major argument with the security officials back in our Terminal 2.

Some security officers can be just so heartless and not tactful enough

Hi Ed,

Yah.. noise. Like what can you expect from a 2 year old toddler ? Sheesh.. like I said, the attendant is sure being scrutinised on this issue.

Read this article in the news as well.
Apparently the stewardess was frustrated with this little passenger and that she even asked the mum of the child to “drug” the lil kiddo.when the mum refused to do that,they were both kicked out off the plane.

To Mar,

Yeah!! Like wtf kan? Kurang ajar sey.. which mother with the right mind will want to drug her own child for the sake of other people’s meaning of tranquility ?

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